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Website Writing Service For SEO

Got something to express? Let us bring your imagination to life with our website writing service.

Website writing is a task made easy with expert writers. It covers social media content, web content, blogs, technical writing, creative writing, copywriting, e-book writing and story writing. Writing for a website does not only entail writing or knowing the art of decorating words through the use of complicated language. It simply suggests the idea of conveying an idea to one or more persons. While doing so, it is necessary that language being used is simplified and conveyed clearly so a website visitor clearly understands what you provide as a product or service.

Why do need a Website

Why do I need a Web Site?

“The Internet is one of the first places a person will go to get information about a product or service before they buy”

In the past, when your customers were looking for a product or service, their easiest option would be to pull out the Yellow Pages to search for a business in their area that provided the product or service they were in need of. They normally supplied a name and phone number, address and maybe a graphic with a list of services and/or products.

With the Internet today, that same customer can go to a search engine such as Google, Facebook or a directory site and be presented with a list of businesses that fit their needs, with links to their web pages, apps or social media pages. Those pages are loaded with information such as product information, location map, a phone number or even a shopping cart which allows the customer to order products and services online, all without ever having to leave the house or office.

Perhaps you have a “service” oriented business such as a restaurant, catering business or function facility that’s already doing well and you’re wondering why you should burden yourself with the added expense of a website. Simply put, not having a website is like the old way of not having a listing in your local Yellow Pages. Even if your best business comes from word-of-mouth, your potential customers will want to check you out. A well-designed, professional website can give you added visibility and credibility. Additionally, the cost of maintaining a website is probably the most cost-effective advertising you’ll ever do.

Your business needs reviews

How do I get my business reviewed?

An essential tool for gaining local business results in the search engines for local SEO is to get your customers to review your services. Google  Business pages provide a free way for users to review your business. They connect with other directories around the internet and show on your business listings which are great for local results. Facebook, Yelp and other websites offer to review.

7 Ways to Improve the Stickiness of Your Website

Write quality articles for your potential customers

Today more than ever, consumers are overwhelmed with choices, and distractions. The cost of attracting users to your website continues to increase and keeping them engaged is more important than ever.
In order to create a loyal following, there are some basic principles you need to consider. From first impressions to life-long membership, put yourself in the shoes of your customers and make their experience a valuable one.

Why Should I Use Joomla for My Website?

joomla-wordpressI’ve been asked many times about the most suitable CMS for any website. Over the years, I have always been relying on a CMS for the ease of installation and updates on my site. I realised early on that Joomla was the best and has many things to offer and I do believe that it is a complete package, which is full of functionality perfect for any small or large website. In fact, the term “Joomla” literally means “as a whole” or “all together” and that is what the CMS platform is really capable of keeping everything in one place so you can update it easily. While WordPress basically caters to blogging, Joomla caters to a variety of websites other than blogs. If you’re a newbie to building websites but don’t have the deeper technical knowledge and skills to implement complex website elements, then Joomla is the perfect tool that you need for your CMS or Content Management System.


Joomla vs WordPress

Are you using Joomla and looking to switch to WordPress or vice versa?

To be honest both of these website systems are awesome, they aren’t perfect as both have there ups and downs but on a whole they do a great job of managing your website’s content.  If you are updating your own site then you will probably find it easier to navigate your way around WordPress, with pages and posts it pretty simple to work out once you have made a few posts or edits. The wordPress media system for adding images is definitely a benefit, it’s easy to simply upload images and add them to your page. The downside is you can’t assign images to folders to make managing files easier later on without a plugin. With plugins to enhance the system images can be reduced to speed up the site.  Joomla is not as easy in the image department, we install JCE editor to give more options for loading up images and adding them to pages, however Joomla offers a folder system so you can assign files and images into separate files easily.

Joomla Website Design

Using Joomla as a CMS

Want To Experience A Complete Set Of Features for Your Website?

Building a website is becoming easier because of the many tools available for the web designer today. You can even create your site without having a paid domain or hosting accounts because of the web 2.0 sites that can host your website for free. However, for the more comprehensive, business and larger website requirements, it is best to rely on a powerful platform that is trusted by many web developers and with good reason – Joomla.

How to Edit Joomla Website Pages

This tutorial will show you how to edit page content with the latest versions of Joomla by changing text and adding links to a page that has already been created.

Please note that these are basic website edits for beginners of Joomla 2.5 and above and are not intended for advanced users.

  1. Login to the administrator section with your username and password
  2. How to find a page to edit in the administrator section
  3. Open two tabs in your browser for easy testing
  4. How to edit text using the editor
  5. How to make a text link
  6. Save and save and close


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