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Need an awesome Responsive Website?

In the near future more people will be viewing the web from their mobile device than a desktop computer.

Mobile Responsive Websites

What is a responsive mobile website? Basically the pages in a website respond to the size of the device you are on while browsing the internet. Responsive website design also has the added benefit of making updates easier because your main website and mobile site are the same. You dont need a separate mobile site creating update headaches with added cost and duplication issues with Google. Responsive design also works on new devices so you dont need to worry about updating your mobile site software each and every time so it’s compatible with new technology.

What happens to your website when a potential client finds your website on the internet? Does it display nice and simply and load fast? Mobile sites have exploded into popularity which is changing the way websites are build, simple flat designs are popular and get the message across fast. You can test your website across multiple browser sizes here and test the speed of your website speed here

Our mobile responsive system will display a simplified version of your website on all devices and all new website packages from RCS Websites come mobile friendly as a standard feature.  We also offer a customisation service if you need more specific design requirements on mobile devices.

The Reasons Why You Need A Mobile Responsive Website

  • Potential Clients can dial your number from your website on their mobile phone.
  • The mobile web is exploding worldwide.
  • In the near future more people will be viewing the web from their mobile device than a desktop computer.
  • If your mobile site is hard to read 60% will leave and won’t even view your site.
  • Customers want to be able to interact with you anywhere and anytime.
  • Customers are more likely to share your website from a mobile device.

Separate Mobile Site vs. Responsive Design, this is a great article comparing the two different approaches to going mobile friendly.

mobile responsive website

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