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Wouldn't it be nice to have a business website that actually works and helps to grow your business naturally over time? To have your sales team responding to enquiries that come in rather than out on the road trying to get leads and sales. Well, it's your lucky day. We use a proven SEO formula which tracks and reports results on a regular basis and we offer ongoing advice on any changes and improvements you need to make to increase enquiries and improve your overall sales performance.
A lot goes into building and optimising a successful website that ranks well and we are here to help. Talk to us today for a friendly chat.

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One of the main focuses of an SEO service is to rank higher in the search results for your product and service keywords and not just your business name (You just need a Google business page to rank for your name). At RCS Online we offer more than just keyword rankings our approach includes the technical aspects for better conversions such as site speed and security, software updates, regular audits and advanced techniques including off-page SEO and directory listings. We constantly track your competitor’s websites and report on your main business product or service keywords fluctuating in the search engines with tracking software. You know your business best so we seek your input as well with regular communication.

SEO the starting point to better online marketing

SEO offers immense opportunities that can increase enquiries,  boost sales, create brand awareness and decrease costs of traditional advertising methods for our customers. Our SEO Services focus on great content to build followers, links, shares as well as the technical aspect which you can read in our SEO ebook-download.

With an SEO campaign as the starting point to better online marketing, you can improve organic rankings in the search engines and gain a better page score with your Google Adwords account which helps to reduce costs per click. This in return will increase conversions from your website visitors leading to more enquiries and sales. Now wouldn’t that be great? We use a strategic approach to your product and service pages along with landing page optimisation for better sales and enquiries.

With the availability of the overwhelming amount of information on website development and optimisation on the web today, it is not an unreasonable question to ask yourself why you should rely on the services of a professional expert when the DIY option would work out much cheaper for your business?

There’s an old saying that goes: “Bargains cost you money”. So the question you should be asking yourself is, “Is it that much cheaper?” Consider the following:

Great Seo Services

Define what cost effective solutions mean to you.

DIY website development, optimisation and online marketing is a trial-and-error process that sees a business owner wasting resources on testing workable strategies or time in designing and implementing campaigns. At RCS Websites we are already experienced and knowledgeable on techniques that have successfully produced results and significant ROI for our clients which is why we believe that hiring a professional SEO Experts marketing company is the best cost effective solution for the growth of any business online.

How much is your time worth?

Managing and growing a business online takes a huge amount of time. Website optimisation is a complex process and one that has you juggling many different tasks and campaigns. Do you have time available to manage on site and off site SEO techniques or find SEM strategies that work for your business? Even with social media, there are numerous platforms that you will need to manage and engage with prospects.

What is great SEO content for a website?

We recommend content that is either educational or entertaining and highly engaging. A great starting point is to educate people on your products and services by writing descriptions to engage your audience and use bullet points to showcase key features and benefits. Include videos and images to engage your website visitors.



Competitive markets need more than just SEO

I’m sure you want leads and sales, not just traffic and stats. We focus on conversion optimisation which includes headline testing, enhanced graphics, revised HTML code, exceptional branding and website content. Improved photography and regular site SEO audits to report any potential issues such as site speed and mobile responsive errors which are critical areas for SEO alone.

How much do you know about SEO and what it entails?

There is much more to a business website than just having one created. As so many of our clients come to understand when not seeing the results they want (visitor traffic or sales leads), a website’s visibility in search results depends on the harmonious working of a complex process, commonly referred to as Search Engine Optimisation. This process deals with a range of factors regarding a website such as content, site structure, keyword usage, links and metas and tags. Any issues with any of these impacts on how well a website is ranked. More of this is explained in our eBook which can be found by clicking this link. We have described 50 of the most critical techniques well-optimised websites depends on.

By choosing to rely on just one website development company, such as RCS Websites, that offers a full range of services devoted to online marketing and website optimisation, you benefit from huge savings in time and cost and receive proficient skills that produce desired results. At RCS our competitive advantage lies in designing strategy development, proficiencies in content development and management, monitoring and analysing campaigns and the advanced systems and technologies we use to provide a world class service.

We audit

We will provide an SEO audit and business consultation on your business website moving forward.

We research

We first look at your site, then your competition, then trends in your industry and report to you on our findings.

We fix

We fix any website related issues and start the SEO process. In competitive markets this can require additional off-site SEO such as content marketing to build links and shares.

Google rewards you

Get it right and listen to our advice 100% and Google will reward you.

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Additional search engine marketing & online marketing services include

Marketing Services
  • Keyword research & tracking
  • Content creation
  • Pay per click management
  • Facebook and social media strategy
  • Linkedin lead generation
  • Email lead nurturing
  • Newsletter creation
  • Facebook advertising
  • Directory submissions
  • Competitor research
  • Link building
  • Content marketing
  • Competition research
  • Reporting and analysis
  • Website conversion optimisation
  • Website audits


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