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Changing the way your business operates in the online world starts with a single step towards an awesome and strategic website. A well planned and thought out website will give customers more ways to interact with your business and help to generate more leads. Once you have a great website you then have the platform to launch into online marketing, pay per click and social media to target specific customers and locations to bring in more targeted enquiries. At RCS Website we build businesses, and we do it well at affordable rates. We welcome all enquiries, talk to us today for more information on what we can offer you and your business ventures.

Website Design & Development

Your website can be designed in any way that the business chooses. The site can have a variety of artwork, a variety of pages and a great number of functions that are helpful to the business. Rather than assuming that all websites must look the same, a business owner can commission a website that is suited only for their business. Unique website design is currently a very popular service ranging from logo design to banners and graphics for your website so everything matches and is consistent across the brand. Logo, colours, fonts, images etc must all be produced to match the branding guidelines for quality and consistency.
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Shopping Cart and E-commerce

Every business wanting to grow in the modern age has an online store of some sort or at least takes online payments. An online store gives customers a chance to shop every hour of the day without the business owner or their employees lifting a finger. The online store can take payments, show current inventory, take shipping information and even alert fulfillment warehouses of new purchases. We work with a number of shopping cart software programs and can point you in the right direction with what you need. Not all shopping cart software is created equal and not all shopping cart systems will provide the functionality you need.
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Online Advertising / Marketing and PPC

Advertising online can take a large number of forms. Some businesses do mobile marketing that happens only on smartphones and tablets. Other companies use web ads to plant their marketing on screens where people may be interested in the products. Other companies use email and social media marketing to bring in new customers. Pay Per Click with Google and Facebook are extremely popular methods of targeting users online and then re-marketing them once the user has visited your website. Talk to us about your goals to advertise your business online and we will put together a package that suits your business needs.
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Social Media Management

Having someone to handle a social media page and interact with customers will bring in hundreds or even thousands of new customers who can interact directly with the business. Also, a blog or forum will allow for customers to share their thoughts with the company and with each other. Combining all of these forces together helps the business owner to increase profits, give their business more exposure and make their company more visible in the global market. If you are not managing your social media profile and your competitors are, guess what? You are loosing business? Contact us today about setting up your social media profiles such as Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter.
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If you would like to discuss the services we can provide you, please book a consultation today so we can have a better understanding on your current situation and then we will provide you with a proposal and quote to move forward. We start with a website and advertising audit to establish what is and isn’t working and recommend strategic changes to grow your business.

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