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Using Joomla as a CMS

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Building a website is becoming easier because of the many tools available for the web designer today. You can even create your site without having a paid domain or hosting accounts because of the web 2.0 sites that can host your website for free. However, for the more comprehensive, business and larger website requirements, it is best to rely on a powerful platform that is trusted by many web developers and with good reason – Joomla.

Joomla is a powerful open source content management system or CMS that can provide the features that most developers need. There are popular sites that are using Joomla as a CMS. These sites include networking sites like quizilla, financial institution like Citibank, an educational institution like Harvard University, and more.

Joomla Article Dashboard

joomla article administration

Joomla article administration dashboard is easy to use

When you need a software application that can easily monitor and keep track of the pieces of information stored on a website, you need a content management system (CMS). With a CMS, you can do anything with any information that you will present in your site. Management and organisation will become easy. There is no requirement for the technical programming stuff just to implement the monitoring and management of text, music, photos, documents, video or anything that needs to be shared and presented in your site.

Using Joomla as a CMS is like having someone handle the nitty-gritty details of managing content in your site, whether it is a corporate portal, online magazine or publication, e-commerce application, small business application, community based portal, or other purposes. Using Joomla as a CMS to handle your online processing requirements will be the best decision for making things easy for you.

joomla-logoInstalling the software is easy. You can either install it directly from your hosting account since the popular hosting services have the common applications ready for immediate installation, or download it from the main Joomla website. You can design your website directly using the hosting installation or prepare it offline and upload the system once it is completed and tested. Everything will depend on your niche and its complexity as well as the preparations that you need using Joomla as a CMS. Whatever your decision is, you will surely never find difficulty in seeing how Joomla will work for you. The user-friendly environment and robust features can provide for the different requirements that various sites need. All you have to do is choose and implement.

Another good thing about using Joomla as a CMS is that you are assured of a support system. In case there are areas of concern that needs to be addressed, you can get tips and advices from online community of users and experts. With Joomla’s online presence for more than ten years, you will surely not worry about getting the right support for minor or major development or implementation issues. Thus, if you want a reliable tool to implement maximum functionality for your site, your best choice is Joomla. Whatever improvements you may need in to do in the future, you are sure that it can be implemented and accommodated.

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