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Why Should I Use Joomla for My Website?

joomla-wordpressI’ve been asked many times about the most suitable CMS for any website. Over the years, I have always been relying on a CMS for the ease of installation and updates on my site. I realised early on that Joomla was the best and has many things to offer and I do believe that it is a complete package, which is full of functionality perfect for any small or large website. In fact, the term “Joomla” literally means “as a whole” or “all together” and that is what the CMS platform is really capable of keeping everything in one place so you can update it easily. While WordPress basically caters to blogging, Joomla caters to a variety of websites other than blogs. If you’re a newbie to building websites but don’t have the deeper technical knowledge and skills to implement complex website elements, then Joomla is the perfect tool that you need for your CMS or Content Management System.

I summed up some of the advantages or benefits of using Joomla. These factors might help you understand more about the software:

  • Built on a template system we custom design branded Joomla templates or code website templates designed from your graphic artist or branding company.
  • Login and update simple updates in a matter of seconds yourself so you have no update costs.
  • Extra Functionality – Use Joomla if you want to build a website that focuses on blogging and later on decides to expand your reach to promote audience or visitor interactions. Joomla has a wide variety of functionalities that you cannot find in other CMS platforms. In fact, Joomla is best for managing newsletters, ecommerce sites, website registrations, forums, multimedia, and other user generated content.
  • Integration of Complex Website Structure – Unlike other CMS platforms, Joomla supports more than 2 levels of hierarchies. This feature is best for websites that accommodate more content and pages such as forums and authority websites.
  • URL Simplicity – Joomla provides a simpler URL for all the pages of your site. This is because Joomla powered websites do not use any search string queries when it comes to URL titles. This is a big advantage when you are doing SEO tactics to rank the pages of your site because search engines can easily crawl and index the URLs of all the pages of your website.
  • Extensions and Plugins – In Joomla, you do not need to use as many plugins compared to WP websites. Joomla websites have functionality already integrated in the platform so there is no need for a bunch of plugins. However, if you want to add more extensions such as calendars, blogging tools and chatting, newsletters integrations, etc, you can select from a wide array of extensions which ranges to more than 6000 functionalities.
  • Open Source – Joomla is also an open design platform. You can host your site to any hosting company. This simply means that you own your content and can transfer all the pages of your website if you want and any time you want.

There are lots of discoveries that you can use when using Joomla and the possibilities are endless. You can experiment while enjoying the portability and comfort of conveniently designing your website without restrictions and limitations.

If you want to know more about how to install Joomla to improve the functionality of your website, then drop me a line or two and I’ll be glad to help.

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